Success Stories

All this in only 8 weeks!!

My initial goal was to drop my bodyfat levels and I'm very happy with what I've been able to achieve in only 8 weeks of training with Andrew. Now we are going to try and build as much muscle as I can while still staying very lean....STAY TUNED for update pics

Craig A. age 33, Carpenter

Update (8 weeks later): Things are going great!! Have put on quite a lot of muscle while at the same time staying very lean. Still more work to do till I'm happy though but defineitely on track that's for sure. Never dreamt I could look and feel this way, Cheers A.B.

Craig A.

17kg in 12 weeks.... and still going strong. Keep at it Lou !!

Lou at his 1st session on 24/9/05 (left photos)

Weight = 92kgs

Lou at his 34th session on 22/12/05 (right photos)

Weight = 75kg

I recommend Andrew with the highest regards. From day one Andrew has been there to guide me, challenge me and encourage me. With Andrew's nutrition and fitness plans I have lost 10kg in only 7 weeks and I'm still going strong. Though it is not all about the weight, it is about the quality of life I am now experiencing. I am eating a whole lot better, I have heaps more energy to get thru my day and I have a great new sense of self confidence, which is priceless!!

I know how hard it was to pick up the phone and call, though the fact that you're here looking at Andrew's site is a great start and you can see the results that are possible. So with your initiative and Andrew's knowledge and experience the sky is the limit. So do yourself a favour and give Andrew a call, it's a call I do not regret in the slightest (actually I only regret waiting so long to do it). And who knows you just may find yourself on this very page with the rest of us before too long at all. Sounds good doesn't it? I wish you well.

Lou P. age 28, Accountant

Brendan's hard work pays off !!

Getting off my butt and finally deciding to go seek personal training with Andrew was the best decision I have made for a long time. After being with Andrew for over a year now I can honestly say that it has been a great experience for me! He has been able to turn my fitness and body shape around and I am very grateful to him for providing the support I needed to stay motivated to achieve my goals. I have had no hesitation recommending him to my friends and family (my mum, dad, my sister and her boyfriend also train with Andrew). Thanks Andrew!!

Brendan W. age 26, IT Consultant

Will this be the new Mr Natural Teenage Victoria ???

2 Months to go and looking great!

Since Andrew has been my personal trainer I have lost over 10kgs of  bodyfat and gained substantial muscle. I now eat healthy and exercise 7 days a week as a part of my new lifestyle. I am now in training for the "Mr Natural Teenage Victoria" bodybuilding title in October 2005.........So stay tuned !!!!

Mick R. age 20, Locksmith


INBA Teenage Mr Victoria Competition 2005

Well done Micheal, you should be very proud of all the heart and soul you put into your first competition. Now how much can you improve before you next step on stage...????

20kgs in 9 months and still going...... Awesome Grant !!

I started training with Andrew to gain knowledge in weight training and nutrition. I had previously trained for 15 years and I did not make the gains in those 15 years, that I have made with Andrew in the past 9 months. In the past I constantly injured myself which led to periods of doing nothing at all and consquently I put on weight. With Andrew's help I'm now stronger than ever and injuries are not a problem. I'm down from 115kg to 95kg and still going. I'm running for the first time in my life (10kms the other day!!) and I'm going to stick this out till the end and see how far I can take this (I'd like to see what I'll look like at 85 kgs). Stay tuned to this channel.....Thanks Andrew.

Grant D. age 32, 

James Ready for Action

1st Session...............................2 months.....................................4 months

After having an ACL reconstruction done on my knee and being down and out from my regular activities, I had started to pack on the kilos. Mainly from a combination of bad eating habits and lack of exercise. Andrew help me turn both of them around with his eating plan and training techniques. I couldn't believe how strong I got training this way. Now four months later, I'm feeling confident and still benefiting from Andrew's guidance. If you're after a dedicated fitness professional who pushes you hard while having a laugh, Andrew's your man.

James R. age 24, Army Technician

After 4 months overseas Ryan got back into shape in just 2 months

I really enjoy my sessions with Andrew. I felt comfortable right from the start and we always have a laugh. Don't get me wrong the sessions are hard, but aren't they meant to be??

Ryan W. age 26, Subway Owner

This is David at 17 years old, AWESOME!!

e been training with Andrew for nearly 3 years now. My strength and speed on the basketball has improved in leaps and bounds. My parents are also very happy with my progress.

David B. age 17, Student and member of the Diamond Valley Eagles U/18 representative side

Good work Tony

After having a break for 18 months I recently returned to training with Andrew B. During my time off I realised how much I got out of my sessions with Andrew compared to those when exercising alone.

Tony B. age 26 , Fruiterer

Adrian's story is truly INSPIRATIONAL

I originally came to Andrew for rehab for a near fatal motorcycle accident. As a result of the training we do I'm now the strongest and fittest  I've ever been. My confidence and self esteem is high and I just generally feel more alive. I strongly recommend Andrew Bishop to anyone who wants to achieve a major health and fitness goal.

Adrian S. age 38, Network Administrator