Success Stories

Great stuff Neil, The hard work is paying off.

A few years ago I decided to mprove my general fitness, and lose some weight by taking up jogging. I developed a reasonable standard of fitness, however at the same time unfortunately developed a stress fracture in the shin.

I received advice from my doctor that I would risk greater damage should I continue such activities as running and tennis.

As I was keen to maintain my level of fitness, I considered a range of options, and it was at this point that I decided a personal trainer the best choice for me.

During the 10-week period I have been training with Andrew, I have increased my strength and overall fitness to levels that I didn't consider possible a year earlier.

When I started with Andrew, my initial goals were to improve fitness as well as to lose weight. A couple of weeks into the programme, Andrew challenged me to reassess these goals. At this point we began to discuss my current lifestyle, and with Andrew's advice and encouragement, I decided to make further changes - primarily focussing upon diet.

And now, thanks to Andrew for his guidance, advice and role as mentor throughout this journey, I feel a real sense of achievement.

Making contact with Andrew has been the best decision I have made in years. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone who is looking to make a serious lifestyle change.

Neil S. age 49, Bank Executive

Helping Matt to put on 13kgs of Muscle in just 5 months

Having over the years made several attempts at bulking up and gaining weight only to loose motivation and drive when things started to get a little hard I decided to bite the bullet and get a personal trainer. When I started with Andrew I weighed in at 70kgs. We set a goal that first session to make 75 kilos (the heaviest I had ever been was 74kgs) by my mid year trip overseas. Fast forward 5 months and I was tipping the scales at 83 kilos!!! In just the 48 sessions I had put on 13 kilos of muscle. Andrew pushed me to do the things you never want to do ( like leg sessions) so that i achieved the goals I never thought I would achieve. With his constant encouragement, and pushing me to my limits these were possible. His dietary and supplement advice was invaluable, not to mention the help he was in my succesful quest to quit smoking. Thanks Andrew

Matt S. age 35, Electrician

After just 6 weeks Marco has dropped 14kgs

After 12 months procrastinating and several failed attempts at gym memberships, I stumbled across Andrew's website while sitting at my office computer one lunchtime. I started with lots of work ahead of me but after the first 6 weeks I'm wrapped with what we've achieved. I'm feeling a thousand times better in everyway!! I have so much more GET UP AND GO!! and I can GO!! for longer now in whatever I'm doing. My job can be quite demanding and stressful at times but as a result of my new exercise routine it has all become more achievable. Andrew is a very passionate and motivating person whose no nonsense approach to getting fit and healthy was exactly what I was after, basically I wanted/want fast dramatic results and Andrew obviously can help me to achieve this (as he has helped many others before me). I travel frequently as a part of my role but I still train 3 days a week with Andrew, sometimes it's straight to his studio from the airport. I'm at least looking to double what I have already lost so stay tuned for update photos.

Marco M. age 33, General Manager


Update: Everything is going great. My bodyshape is still changing and my waist in particular is getting smaller and smaller.

 Marco M

From club golfer to Touring Professional

My ambition is to become a professional golfer and Andrew has been helping me with the fitness side of the game now for nearly 3 years. In that time my handicap has gone from 7 to 1. I'm just so much stronger and generally fitter which both allows me to hit the ball better (and much further) and concentrate harder for longer. Jon L. age 21, Aspiring Golf Professional.


Andrew has been helping me with my fitness program for the past 6 years. He has helped me go from a skinny kid to one of the fittest and strongest golfers on the Australian Tour. I am now playing as a touring professional here in Australia and internationally. With Andrews guidance and support I have put on well over 10kgs of muscle while lowering my bodyfat dramatically. I am one of the longest hitters on the tour and my increased fitness really helps me get around the course, especially when it's hot. If you want to improve your game, what ever it may be, Andrew is your man. No mucking around with fancy exercises here just hard work and the basics, and I've been doing this now for 6 years so I'd know.. Cheers Andrew

Jon L. age 25, Touring/Teaching Golf Professional

Cross Training keeps things Interesting

I am training with Andrew to increase my fitness for my sport. I'm a competitive tri-athlete and I like a challenge. The group cycle classes and the boxing training I do with Andrew are very high energy and I always leave feeling awesome!!

Jamie N. age 28,Tri-athlete

How about putting on 30kgs of MUSCLE guys!!

Nick is my longest standing client and has achieved results that most only dream of.

See boys with CONSISTENCY and EFFORT great things are possible!!

Andrew has been my personal trainer now for nearly 5 years. In this time he has helped me achieve more than I could have ever dreamed possible (started 65kg now 95kg) and my improvement still continues.

Nick G. age 24, Student

Grant shows how it can be done in just 7 months

Having been a fitness fanatic, training 5-6 days a week for basically my whole life, I felt I wasn't achieving the results I should have. I tried other personal trainers, changed my diet (even though, in the main, I ate well) and spent a small fortune on protein powders/creatine/ multi vitamins/etc... but nothing seemed to work.

In the fist 6 weeks of attending 2 sessions a week with Andrew B, combined with slight changes to my diet and without change to my normal riding/running/swimming routine, I lost 11kgs. My time spent exercising remained the same but these amazing results came from the 2 * 45min sessions with Andrew.

Now that I have removed the "puppy" fat I'm now at the next stage with Andrew of building lean muscle stay tuned for progress pics.

I travel from Southbank twice a week and I certainly think the drive is worth it. Not only am I achieving the results that I've been craving for years but I now know that I'm doing it in a safe and sensible manner.

Keep the faith and good training.

Grant T. age 33, Corporate Sales Manager

Callum turns his life around in just 4 months

When I first contacted Andrew I didn't realise how grateful I'd be for making that call. I've spent the last 4 months training between twice and three times a week with Andrew and the changes I've made to my body are amazing. It's been a lot more than that though, I've changed my entire lifestyle. With Andrew's help and support I've given up smoking and drinking, gone from virtually no exercise, fast food and feeling pretty average to daily exercise, a healthy eating plan (that Andrew designed for me) and feeling as good as I ever have.

Over time I've bought and wasted gym memberships, new bikes and other fitness fads but with Andrew's guidance and support I've been able to achieve more than I ever thought I was capable of. So if you're reading this and wondering whether you can do it, or is it worth the hard work?? Take my word for it. I have no doubt that with Andrew's help YOU CAN DO IT and believe me it is worth the hard work. I FEEL FANTASTIC!!

Callum R. age 28, State Manager

Turning back the clock

Over the years I had wasted so much time, money and effort with gyms and personal exercise equipment to achieve limited short term goals. Then I tried a fresh approach and decided maybe a personal trainer could motivate me in a dedicated manner, I gave Andrew a call and have never looked back.

Within the first 3 months of consistently attending 3 sessions a week with Andrew I've lost 8kg on the scales but best of all my bodyshape has improved out of sight. My posture is back to where it should be and my energy levels are excellent. My self-esteem has really taken a huge boost and when my friends notice the difference and pass compliments you know that it really is worth it.

I am so impressed with Andrew's professionalism and approach that I have just resigned for another 3 month block. I am half way to my goal and I know with Andrew's encouragement and support that I will achieve and maintain it.

Keith R. age 47, SAP IT Consultant

Do like Bill and get out of your old "comfort zone", cause LIFE IS WAY TOO SHORT!!

Before meeting Andrew my comfort zone was work and the couch. With two small kids I had the energy of an 80 year old and unable to find the energy to do more than I had to. My job meant I was constantly with food and constantly eating empty calories all day. I was lethargic, and wasting away. Back pains due to carrying extra weight haunted me everyday. I had limited motivation, and I felt myself reclusing with minimal social confidence.

The time to change was NOW..!!!

Soon after I met with Andrew and his honesty and up front approach was exactly what I needed, and his ability to make me feel that I was going to achieve my goal and, more importantly, start feeling energized motivated me to sign up and dedicate myself to this change in lifestyle and that life was going to finally happen for me.

Andrew has helped me to appreciate simple foods again, and enjoy them. Exercise and enjoy it, and really begin to believe in my own ability to do something that I thought i was totally incapable of achieving. I now train with Andrew twice a week, and carry out my own activities through the rest of the week, and you know what's the craziest thing about it? I REALLY ENJOY IT!!

To see the changes to my body and my fitness and my BACK its like a rebirth almost, and my enrgy levels are that of a totally different (and much younger) person. It hasn't been easy, but it's sure worth it!!

I still have a ways to go but with Andrew's continued help and inspiration I know I'm going to get there.

Bill S. age 33, Self employed: Tafe teacher of Cookery, Confectionary Manufacturing and Hospitality related Industries