Success Stories

Tori's Amazing change and not finished yet !!

After being overweight for most of my life I decided after having three kids that it 'was time for me'. After losing 30kgs over a period of one and a half years I thought I had made it. I had done a good job losing the weight but six motnhs on from that I had put 12kgs back on and had fallen back into some of my old eating habits. Realising I still had major food issues and I had stopped exercising, I knew I had to try something else before I was back to 105kgs again.

My husband Euan had been seeing Andrew for about 4 months at this stage and had seen great results. So after much thought as to whether I could cope with the workouts and eating I decided I would start to see Andrew as well. As it turns out I love the workouts and have really become 'addicted' to the change in lifestyle. The food we eat now is so much better than it was and you really feel the benefits of eating healthy. I don't think you actually realise how bad the wrong food can make you feel until you do eat well. Along with my love of my daily walks (and sometimes runs) and with Andrews support and encouragement, and his great enthusiasm for people achieving a better outcome in their lives, I can finally see that I can stay fit and healthy for the rest of my life.

Andrew is a great trainer to have because 'he lives the life'. He is also great at encouraging you to keep going when things may be a struggle at times. Most of all he won't let you find excuses for eating badly or not giving it your best. The hardest part is deciding to start on the right track but once you do the benefits will encourage you to keeping moving forward, Like I did

Tori W. age 36, Chef

Peter working Hard, Feeling and Looking Great!!

Nearly 20kgs lost in just 24 sessions

Twenty years of neglect had resulted in me being chronically overweight and unfit. I was frustrated at my own attemps to lose weight and becoming increasingly depressed about the way I looked, felt and my inability to do anything about it. I found Andrew's website by chance only weeks befoe the Christmas seaon and I nearly took the easy way out, 'put it off until later'. I'm so glad I didn't.

Andrew encouraged me to start straight away by identifying what really needed to be done. He set a program which not only got me through the Christmas feasts but by mid January I could start to see real results, regular/steady weight loss, increase energy and significant attitude change in relation to food, exercise and general health.

Andrew challenges my body twice a week in a safe and controlled environment and the results speak for themselves. But what is unseen is the way he has challenged my mind and attitudes. Andrew challenges and supports you to achieve goals.

Today, I'm fitter, stronger and healthier than I've been for a very long time. I've still got a ways to go but Andrew's support and encouragement motivates me every day.

Thanks Andrew, for helping me change me life

Peter S. age 47, IT Executive

Update 1: I'm feeling great and only have 8kg more to reach my goal weight. My energy levels are good and I'm really enjoying my new lease of life.

Peter S.


Update 2: For just over six months I've been training with Andrew twice a week. During this time I have lost 25% (over 30kgs) of my bodyweight and replaced a significant amount of fat with muscle. Along the way, Andrew has helped me maintain my focus and steered me through the tough times when maintaining a positive attitude has been difficult. Andrew's fitness program has very successfully helped me to achieve my goal of losing a signicifant amount of weight. Over and above that, it has changed my approach to health, fitness and exercise. It has also redefined my body shape.I'm quite excited about how I look and feel now, and enjoying the benefits of a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Andrew's facilities are excellent, his knowledge & experience is invaluable and his personal approach & style very professional.

If you're prepared to make the commitment, Andrew Bishop can provide the means and motivation.

Cheers, Peter S.

Session 1 - 107kg .............................................. Session 48 - 78kg


Total weight loss = 29kgs

Micheal making the most of his genetics!!

I first started training with Andrew (first pic)to lose some weight and get some much needed enrgy back into my life. After 2 months of 3 sessions a week, and following the eating plan Andrew designed for me, I lost 10 kilo's and was feeling great (second pic).

Now it was time to start putting on some muscle and shaping my body into something I was proud of. After 6 weeks (third pic) I've put back on 10 kgs of muscle while still losing bodyfat. Andrew's support, encouragement and knowledge have helped me reach a level I only ever dreamt of. till now that is.

Micheal. age 24, Builder

Taking it to the next level

I have been training with Andrew 3 sessions a week for approximately 6 months.

Prior to commencing my training I met with Andrew and discussed some of my personal goals I wanted to achieve. As I was already exercising on a regular basis and I was seeking a trainer who could assist me further with my weight training and also educate me on nutrition and appropriate food fuels for my exercise. And being in my early 20's I really wanted to learn the 'right' way of doing things, proper training, proper food and seeing as there is so so many different opinions and theories out there I wanted to be taught by someone who obviously knows what works.

I decided that Andrew was what I was looking for in a personal trainer and as it has turned out it was a smart decision. He wasn’t like the majority if trainers out there who run sessions that are not individualised to their client’s needs and abilities. He has years and years of experience and knows all there is to know about hard/intense weight training (which is exactly what I wanted to find in my trainer as I wanted to take my training to the next level and beyond).

As a result of my time training with Andrew I am now the strongest I have ever been. I have put on quality muscle while also dropping my bodyfat levels considerably. I am very happy to say that I’m well on the way to achieving my goals.

Lennart has really turned back the clock !!

It's great!! Andrew knows how my mind and body works and adjusts my sessions accordingly. I can afford to set my goals high because with Andrew's guidance and support I am confident I'll achieve them. After only 5 months of training with Andrew I have turned my life around. I am now feeling awesome, looking great (not looking like my father anymore!) and I'm fitting into clothes I haven't worn since I was 20. Thanks Andrew I couldn't have done any of this without you!!

Lennart G. age 29, Software Developer

8 Weeks of very hard work pays dividends

I just want to thank you so much for the 8 week program you designed for me to help me achieve my goal for my 40th Birthday. I cannot believe I could achieve so much in only 8 weeks as I thought it was not enough time.

Before coming to see you I had my body fat tested and it was 16.7%. The last week of the program (8 week later) I had it taken and it was 10.9%. I was 12% body fat when I was 20 years old and training in the gym. My fitness is also just under the Elite level, which I have never achieved.

So I am feeling and looking better now at age 40 than I was as a fit and healthy 20 year old. The nutrition plan was crucial and I love how clear and concise you were on what to eat and when. There was no grey area which is then easy to follow.

You passion and motivation was essential as about half way through I was struggling and fortunately I had you to help me through it and keep me on track. It is a great feeling to set a goal and then achieve it, I actually exceeded it. The feeling is unexplainable but it is a feeling pride and self-belief. I am a determined person, but without your weight program, nutrition diet and motivation, I can honestly say I could not have done it. That I have no doubt about.

I have already , and will continue to refer you anyone that wants to improve their health/training/fitness and achieve their personal goals. I would say that if you are serious about doing it, set yourself up for success by having a professional, highly motivated and passionate, well experience (that has done it and succeeded themselves) trainer by your side to guide you through the maze of information on nutrition and workouts.

If you do not want to really succeed, then do what you always did, so you’ll get what you always got. Set yourself up to succeed, contact Andrew Bishop now, right now, stop making excuses.

Nicole would have easily won any season of the Biggest Loser, Don't you agree?? Absolutely Amazing!!

It was very clear in the first session that I was going to get the results I needed to change my life!

Andrew gives you the support and push just at the right time. I know what it feels like to be overweight most of my life I was mortified when I would looked in the mirror I didn’t want to be this person anymore. Andrew has given me a complete overhaul physique transformation I have lost weight built sexy lean muscle and have a much higher energy level than before. I am so grateful to him and I have finally found the right Personal Trainer to help me move forward.

If you think you can’t do it you’re wrong! Andrew will show you the way, just like he did for me! Thanks I love the new me!

Nicole B. age 37, Beauty Therapist and Massuer

Amazing Results Euan!!

7/5/09 112kgs ........ only 6 months later 82kgs and 30kgs lighter

When I first made contact with Andrew my weight was spiraling out of control and I was in many ways addicted to food. I really struggled eating when I travelled (and being a professional golfer that is a lot) and had really lost all hope that I could get lean one day. I always felt uncomfortable in clothes and there must an element of shame that I had let myself get that way.

Like a lot of people I was working out but never saw any or much progress and so would get discouraged quickly and often throw in the towel, I definately reaped the benefits of that lifestyle- A FAT BODY!!

When we started with the eating plan and workouts I really noticed the difference in the first week and thought that rate of weight loss was just the initial result but I was able to maintain it until today which has been amazing to me.

It wasn't just about the do's and dont's of my eating/workouts it was the changing the way that I view/see food that has made the biggest difference, it's more of a lifestyle change than a temporary measure.

"Andrew thank you so much for all your help over the last 5 months in helping me get into the best shape of my life (and fast!!). Thanks for the wisdom, encouragement and the willingness to say NO to me".

Euan W. age 39. International Professional Golfer

Getting fit to get married in only 8 weeks

I had been with my personal trainer for 2 1/2 years and my fiance Andy for 18 months when we both began to feel that we had not achieved any decent results for ages. My weight loss had stopped completely and as a result my bodyshape hadn't changed for nearly a year. Andy was also becoming frustrated as he was not getting the results he wanted despite heaps and heaps a hard work. So he decided to surf the web in a hope to find someone who could help us get to, and past, the next level. And that was when he found Andrew's website....

I was quite reluctant to change trainers, because I has sustained a back injury after hyper-extending my lower back during training. I was worried that being pushed too hard would result in more pain and permanent damage. But when I read through Andrew's website, I found a link called "dangerous and ineffective exercises" and when I read through it I thought "this guy really knows what he is talking about". And it is very obvious from all the great testimonials and before & after photos that he has helped many people to make big changes quickly and as we were soon to be married this could be just what we needed.

Our first meeting was great. I found Andrew to be honest, encouraging and inspiring. We explained that our wedding (at Daydream Island, Queensland) was about 8 weeks away and we both wanted maximum results in that 8 weeks. We were both prepared to do anything. And so it started.....

Andrew set up eating plans for both of us; for me it was fat loss, for Andy it was lean muscle building. The change in diet and a more focussed training plan made all the difference. I won't lie, it was hard work, but it paid of big time! When I started with Andrew I weighed 63.5kg (it had not changed in about 18 months with my previous trainer!). The day we left for our wedding I weighed 58kg, and felt amazing. Of the 5.5kg that I lost 3kg were in the first three weeks. I had reached my goal weight of 60kg, a goal that I had had for two and a half years, in only four weeks! My friends and family all noticed too, they could not believe the change in my bodyshape. As for Andy, there is no denying how handsome he was on our wedding day. Everyone commented how shapely he looked in his suit. He also dropped quite a lot of bodyfat and has finally started to see the muscle definition he has always wanted.

So don't waste your time, and or money, or risk injuring yourself doing something is potentially dangerous (like I did), If your results aren't coming as fast as you'd like or aren't even coming at all give Andrew a call, you won't be sorry.

Great things can happen quickly when you have someone with who can motivate you and backs all that up with years of experince and proven results. My husband and I are very appreciative of all Andrew's guidance and support.

Andy and Kaz I.both aged 30, Civil Contractor & Nurse Care Manager

3 months of hard work can lead to Amazing RESULTS

Hi my name is Lou and I trained with Andrew for 3 months leading up to the Christmas holidays. Before that I trained hard on my own at a local gym and felt I was not being rewarded for it. After signing up with Andrew he taught me how to eat and train right. After just 1 month I could see dramtic changes in the look and strength of my body along with changes to my everyday easting habits. I was looking and feeling better and at 3 months I had the body that I worked so hard for. The feeling of reward is amazing when the results are achieveable. Thanks Andrew for all your coaching help not only as a trainer but as a friend.

Lou R. age 24, Sales Manager