Success Stories

These are the success stories of ordinary people, from all walks of life...

They are some prime examples of ordinary everyday people doing extraordinary things!

I am extremely proud of the fact that I have helped many 100's of people since the opening of my Personal Training studio here in Greensborough in mid 2000. And I challenge any other trainers to even come close to matching the number, variety and levels of change made by the people I've been able to help transform.

I am extremely proud of  all of my clients.

Below are some inspirational testimonials and images of just a few...

So take the time to go through them and prepare to be INSPIRED!!

Absolutely inspirational 6 month transformation!

Over 16kgs lost, body now toned and very strong!!

After gorging on chocolate at Easter and feeling so horrible I knew I needed to do something about my fitness and weight I looked online and found Andrew’s website. I decided this was it I was going to do something about it.  I contacted Andrew and made an appointment.

 Andrew was very friendly and made me feel at home straight away. He told me with a little hard work and focus I would achieve my goal of being under 60kgs.  It would not be easy but he would be there to guide me and support me though it and he was!!!

 As I started my diet and training with Andrew twice a week – (It was hard at the beginning I won’t lie) But every session got a little easier and with the support and encouragement from Andrew I could see the weight starting to melt off and my fitness and strength improved so quickly!

 For someone who hated veggies and was a very fussy eater I actually found myself looking forward to my meals. I eat my veggies first now!!!!

 That first training session Andrew asked if I could do a push up on my toes I said no!!! I could hardly do one. But as I continued suddenly I realized I was doing 5 in a row and then 10 and then 20!! Then I was able to do 50 in a row! (if I can do it so can you!!!!) Now I love doing them! I feel so strong!  

 I feel so much more confident and happy and healthy then I have in years! I never would have achieved these results at home without that push and one on one support from Andrew - but now I have the knowledge  that Andrew has given me and the confidence to keep going at home!

 I feel like a different person than the shy and unconfident person I was when I first walked into Andrew’s studio 6 months ago! Thanks Andrew!!!

 Chrissy B. age 33, Administration Officer

18kgs in only 5 months ... Incredible !!

For a long time, I have personally struggled with my personal and physical fitness. After devoting much of my own time and effort to exercise and various dieting means, and not achieving the intended results, I decided that something needed to change. A friend of mine was training with Andrew and I was impressed with the progress she was making. As a result I asked for Andrews details and made the initial contact.

 I went to see Andrew in June 2011 for my initial consultation. Andrew was great at explaining the discipline, determination and requirements needed to achieve my goals. It was made clearer to me that where I ended up was entirely up to me and my ability to stay focussed and motivated. Andrew put in place a simple, yet very effective plan which could easily be followed provided one was disciplined. My journey had now commenced.

I have been training with Andrew 2 days a week, following his exercise and eating guidelines. I could not believe that week after week I was dropping weight and starting to feel so much better about the way I looked. This in itself together with Andrews continual encouragement, support and undivided attention assured me that if I stuck to the plan, I would ultimately achieve my goals.

Today, I have lost around 18kg's and now weigh under 55kgs. The exercise and eating plan has become part of my normal everyday lifestyle. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier than ever before. I am very grateful to Andrew and for his assistance in helping me achieve a goal that I have for so long desired.

If you are serious about losing weight, changing your body and lifestyle, then I highly recommend Andrew personal training services. The operative word is 'serious' as Andrew takes great pride in helping his clients achieve results.

I DID IT !! .....  and So CAN YOU !!

Danni T. age 34, mother of two.

What an amazing transformation

After years of eating (and drinking) to excess I had ended up fat, unhealthy and looking at an early grave, I was not able to do all the things I wanted and something had to change.

I found Andrew on the internet and after reading his testimonials decided it was time to give him a call.  After calling Andrew and having a chat I booked in for my first session, Andrew made me feel at home from day one and we set about achieving my goals. With Andrews’s advice on training and food I managed to lose more weight than I had originally set as my goal. My diet has changed 180 degrees and I love the healthy fresh food.

I have now lost just over 30kgs and I feel like a totally different guy than the one who walked into Andrews studio 12 months ago and I couldn’t be happier.

Peter D. age 43, Electrician

Best shape of my life in just 6 months !!

I have trained with Andrew for the past 6 months. I thought it was time to get my fitness back after putting my whole focus on nothing but work. It was hard at the start but with Andrew's push, and his help with my food (which was pretty ordinary to be honest), I have gotten into what is probably the best condition of my life. I have a really good exercise routine in place now and I try and do something everyday.

The initial 'BodyScan' I did was very motivating and this really drove me to make big changes to my lifestyle. I am proud to say I have dropped my bodyfat percentage by 6.5% and I have lost a total of 9kgs of fat since commencing training with Andrew 6 months ago.

If you are wanting to make some big changes in the way you look and feel then I can highly recommend Andrew B. He knows exactly what you need to know in order to make this happen and he keeps at you when you might be slacking off, especially in regards to the food.

Don't waste anymore of your time, Life is too short!!  

Dave W. age 30, Electrician

Hard work is paying off for Sarah

If you are anything like me and you are terrified of taking the first step to looking and feeling better or you are completely unsure of what that next step is, or you just need a push; consider this IT!

Training with Andrew is a rewarding, motivating and exhilarating experience. The quidance and support that he provides in regards to both diet and training at home is a god send. Since starting training with Andrew just over 6 months ago I have lost over 16kgs and changed my bodyshape (and feel) a lot for the better. And as a result I am now loads more confident and now feel I'm strong enough to take on any challenge, both physically and emotionally. So be brave, take the first step and dare to achieve what is possible, I DID!

Sarah L. age 29, Accounts Manager


For the 4 weeks coming up to my wedding I increased my sessions to 3 times a week and along with a stricter approach to my eating plan I was able to lose an extra 6kgs on top of the weight already lost. On my wedding day I felt, and looked great. Thanks Andrew for helping over the past 2 years and I'm looking forward to training hard again when I get back from my honeymoon 


I have been training with Andrew B. now for about 4 years (my how time flies). And just for the past 5 weeks we decide to go "full on" and the results have been incredible. It has been hard but I am now the lightest I have been since I was a teenager. I have also recoveredfully from a serious work knee injury thanks to Andrew's help earlier in the year.

My total weight loss now stands at just under 25kgs and I am most definitely the strongest and fittest I have ever been. I am even starting to like the way I look and that's a massive thing for me. Thanks A.B.

Success isn't only measured on the scales

After feeling unfit and unhappy with my health I decided it was time to make a change, so  spent some time on Google researching personal trainers in my area. I knew I would be more comfortable with individual sessions, not a group or definitely not boot camp. After finding Andrew's website and seeing the testimonials of real people, who like me, just needed that push to make a change, I decided to make that first call......

At my first meeting with Andrew, he put me at ease. He was honest, letting me know that I would need to put in the work, but if I did I would get the results. He made me feel comfortable and was very positive so I started training that same week and have been training with Andrew twice a week for approx 15 months.

Andrew proivides guidance and pushes you through challenging training sessions but also provides advice on your food & eating habits. Although very supportive, he will let you know 'how it is', and when you let him (& yourself) down, particularly with the food! He genuinely wants you to succeed and his focus is to help you while you are training with him, but also set you up for success after you decide to continue on your own, which is a big step in anyone's journey.

After a couple of months, and with a lot of encouragement from Andrew, I started 'Spin' classes at the local gym. Before training with Andrew, I wouldn't have had the confidence &/or stamina to complete a single class, and have now built up to a couple of sessions per week and have convinced a number of others to follow my lead.

My total weight loss stands just under 30kgs and I was well on my way back to the healthiest I have ever been. Although not quite at my goal weight, I am now pregnant with my first child, which probably wouldn't have even been possible prior to getting in shape. Andrew has helped me improve my all round health, body and mind, which has had positive effects in many areas of my life!

I have no doubt I will return to Andrew, to finish this journey, and get back into shape....again! I can't recommend him highly enough, so take the first step and anything is possible!

Michelle M. age 35, Executive

Liz after 6 months hard work

Andrew helped me to achieve results I was never able to get close to by myself. His guidance and support really helped me conquer my biggest problem (food) and as you can see the results speak for themselves.

Liz W. age 26, Paramedic

Big Jason melts away 50kgs of bodyfat in just 7 months !!

With Andrew's guidance, encouragement and support I have turned my life around, and finally I now feel like i'm getting the 'old me' back. The first part of my mission is to lose as much fat as possible then I want to build up. I want to look and feel strong like
I did when i was in my 20's, and I want to be a role model for my children.

Andrew has helped me totally change my attitude to food, and along with the exercise this has enabled me to do so well so quickly. I now really look forward to eating HEALTHY, FRESH and TASTY food which makes me FEEL GOOD. Junk is just no longer anywhere to be found, because I honestly prefer what I eat these days. And I am eating more food than I ever did and the weight has fallen off as a result, definitely no starving with any of Andrew's eating plan, I am never hungry and always have a good energy level. Andrew has helped me basically reprogram my mind to the way it should have always thought about eating and exercise. (and he can help you too!!)

Don't waste another minute thinking about doing it, call the big guy today and start living your life the way you should be, in the body you should be, and start doing something about being on this planet as long as possible. Carrying too much weight around for even a short period of time can cause serious health problems down the track, so do something before when u have the choice.

Jason S. age 41, Operations Manager

Marty very happy with things

Andrew is a truly unique personal trainer and by far the best I've ever worked with. The results I've had with Andrew far outweigh anything previously for me.

The difference with Andrew is the following:

1. No bullsh*t - we do the proper exercises for maximum results with minimum risk of injury. Plenty of other trainers have some new trendy exercise every 5 minutes that looks like something from a Rock Eisteddfod number. Andrew focuses on tried and tested exercises that simply work.
2. He's reliable. So many of my previous trainers would simply be young people in their 20's looking for easy money, as everyone claims to be a personal trainer nowadays. And with that you'd turn up at training and they would no-show because they had a big night the night before. Andrew has NEVER cancelled on me.
3. He makes you accountable. He'll tell you when your doing well, however we won't beat around the bush if you are letting yourself down and grabbing a pizza on the way home. That's because when you let yourself down, you let him down too. And to be frank this is what you are paying him for!
4. He practices what he preaches. Well, just look at the man.
5. The sessions are fun, we have a laugh while lifting heavy things. :)

If you are after a flashy, boutique gym with a trendy address then Andrew is perhaps not for you. However, if you are after a truly knowledgeable PT who knows EXACTLY what you need to do for maximum results, then look no further.

p.s I have lost over 25kgs in the last 5 months.......And that's what I call results!!

Martin C. age 36, Software Company Director

Rose has lost an UNBELIEVABLE 30kgs in just 6 months !!

The day I called Andrew was the day I got serious about my fitness.  Now after only 6 months and 2 hard sessions a week I'm nearly 30kg lighter and I have more energy and strength than I ever thought possible. I not only get a great workout, but also get nutritional guidance/support and home exercise tips. Andrew has also designed personal eating plans that have enabled me to reach each goal that we've set. Do yourself a favour,  make the call today, you won't regret it!!

Rose R. age 42, Early Childhood Educator