Dangerous & Ineffective Exercises


Anyone who is currently performing any of the following exercises should strongly challenge their instructor/trainer as to why they are wasting their time and/or potentially risking serious injury!! 

Leg Extension

Not only is the leg extension an exercise that is not functional to daily activity, it is potentially dangerous. The exercise pulls the knee cap back onto the femur causing a grinding action of the bone at the knee joint. It also pulls the tibia forward on the femur causing strain on the anterior cruciate ligaments of the knee. This exercise can not only be potentially hazardous to the integrity of the knee joint but it has been shown to be less effective in stimulating the quadriceps in comparison to the squat or lunge exercise. Both the squat and the lunge are far more functional and effective in training the legs as well as promoting 'core' stability in the muscles of the stomach/lower back.

So Why Would You Ever Do The Leg Extension?

Shoulder Press Behind Neck

Firstly, the position of the shoulder press places the shoulder joint in a position of dislocation, that is abducted at 90 degrees and externally rotated. Not only is this an unstable position, but the humerous can impinge the deeper tendons under the acromium process which can lead to tendonitis, inflammation and pain in the shoulder. This condition can also be enhanced by trainees who have poor scapular control, a lack of shoulder flexibility and rounding shoulders, which adds added stress to the acromio-clavicular joint in the shoulder. Shoulders are best trained while performing other compound exercises such as the bench press, lat pulldown and seated row.

So Why Would You Ever Do The Shoulder Press Behind Neck?

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

This exercise places the shoulder joint in the same position as the shoulder press. It places similar stress across the shoulder joint. Many trainees also have limited shoulder flexibility during the exercise causing a forward trunk lean and rounded upper back and shoulders. The exercise tends to be performed by pulling the bar behind the neck. This places a large amount of tension on the upper trapezius muscles which originate on the cervical spine pulling at the intervertebral joints causing neck problems. A reverse, narrow grip eliminates all of these considerations while maximally activating the latissmus dorsi (back muscles) which is not optimally activated when performing a wide grip pulldown.

So Why Would You Ever Do The Wide Grip Lat Pulldown?

Pec Deck

This exercise also places the shoulder in the dislocation position, making it unstable and less effective. The external rotation of the arm also places the insertion of the pectoralis Major in an ineffective line of pull that places internal rotation forces on the shoulder joint. Overall, the Bench Press is a far more effective and safer alternative.

So Why Would You Ever Do The Pec Deck?

Leg Curl

Is a dysfunctional exercise that attempts to train the hamstring in an ineffective movement. It pulls the tibia back from the femur which can cause unwanted strain in the knee joint. The hamstring is best trained the way it functions, that is to extend the hip, such as in squats and lunges.

So Why Would You Ever Do The Leg Curl? 

Back Hyperextensions

Is once again a very dysfunctional exercise that aims to strengthen the back muscles. Most lower back problems come from poor function and/or control of the pelvis which is stabilized by the obliques and transverse abdominals, not from weak back muscles. The erector spinae are very rarely weak as they are used all day long. Back hyperextensions place large amounts of strain on the inter-vertebral disc, particularly in the lumber region, commonly known as the lower back. Not a recommended exercise if you want a healthy lower back. Abdominal bracing one the best exercises for targeting these muscles.

So Why Would You Ever Do The Back Hyperextension??



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